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The now defunct NetGuide web site once described Digital Hit Entertainment as an "exquisite place to waste a lot of time." For fans of the entertainment world, that's a fitting description.

Apparently quite a few people agree with them. has been named in the Top 100 movie sites by Thanks folks!'s Hottest 100 Movies Web Sites Award

Digital Hit Entertainment covers the entertainment world with entertainment and celebrity news, reviews, and profiles. We also cover film festivals and awards shows. In fact, Digital Hit Entertainment excels at covering award shows. As well as providing the full lists of nominees and winners, we provide commentary, surveys and discussions.

We're not the only people who think we're good at this. Besides the above awards, our coverage of the 55th Annual Golden Globe Awards earned us a Times Pick Award from the LA Times. Our coverage of the 56th Awards was even better received. We were linked to by both Entertainment Tonight and an article on the Internet Movie Database. Yahoo! features us as one of the sites listed in their Golden Globe and Academy Awards® sections.

We're attractive to advertisers too. When you advertise with Digital Hit Entertainment, you're reaching an audience that loves movies with a passion, adores television and supports the arts.

Our audience is 60 percent male. 53 percent of our audience is 18-34 years old. 50 percent have an household income that ranges between $31,000 - 60,000 US. Over 40% are college graduates. 70 percent of our audience is from the United States, 15 from Canada and 15 from the rest of the planet.

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