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81st Oscar® News

Here’s a look at some of the things said by the winners as they spoke to the press backstage:

That’s a good question. It’s really it’s an important question as well. Because what’s the one of the lovely things about this evening that the Academy has given us is that it’s a triumph for this kind of film really, and it is independent minded and it’s working against the odds really in a way, and it’s very important to keep it. Because you know it was wonderful to see, obviously, you see Heath Ledger’s work acknowledged in THE DARK KNIGHT. And it is extraordinary work. But like virtually, I am sure, everybody, Heath, you know, started small as well. He started small films, you know. Everybody does and we’ve got to protect them. And the studios, and it’s difficult of course, because they are under pressure, the studios have got to protect them as well. Because that’s where everybody starts, and they go on.

Some people go on to some things and some don’t. But that’s where everybody begins, in those small independent movies. And you learn the business, you learn your craft, you learn what you are doing, you know. So, it’s very, very, very important. And the first film I made was a million pounds it cost. The whole film cost a million pounds. That’s where you learn your craft, and you don’t know what you are doing, you know. And I think that keeping it that way, you don’t know what you are doing half the time and it’s really important. – Best Director Danny Boyle asked about the future of independent films as studios appear to be changing their focuses.

Like a little girl from Reading. Like a little girl from Reading. Did you see my mum and dad? My mum won a picked onion competition in the local pub just before Christmas, and you know, that was a big deal. And, the Reading Evening Post sent me a picture of her holding up her jar. Well, Reading Evening Post, there’s your next Winslet picture. It’s unbelievable. You just don’t think that these dreams that seem so silly and so impossible could ever really come true. And having been here before and lost to be here and win, I’ve got to tell you, winning is really a lot better than losing. Really a lot better. – Best Actress Kate Winslet after being asked what the “little girl from Reading” felt like after her win

Because in our tradition, we believe that Om is a word that encompasses the whole experience of the universe. Indians can just listen, can just close your eyes and listen to the pains of living just by the sound of Om. That relates to me on a very personal level, being a sound person. That’s why I live for that.Resul Pookutty, who along with Ian Tapp and Richard Pryke won Achievement in sound mixing, on why he included the sacred word “om” in his acceptance

You know, that means a lot to myself and to everybody involved, not only in the movie, but to anybody who believes in equal rights for human beings, it’s pretty simple. And, certainly, what I mentioned from the stage earlier tonight, to see this culture of ignorance, and that breeds this kind of hateful expression, that these people have their signs outside essentially telling you that you’re less than human. There’s nothing more important than the themes of this movie as well as addressing things that are simply, you know, entertaining, I think. But there’s nothing more important, and so being part of something like that is a privilege. And when you see something like what you saw outside today, it enhances that. – Best Actor Sean Penn on bringing the story of Harvey Milk to the screen and getting recognition for it.

I think it’s a very beautiful fairytale that has to be true. And obviously, it’s something that’s about something that’s illegal and subversive, and what’s created is something that doesn’t take anything away from anyone. It gives something to somebody. Take all those little reasons, why the film has connected so well with people.James Marsh, who along with Simon Chinn won Best Documentary Feature for Man on Wire, on why the film connected with people.

I think he would have been quietly pleased, because I think he enjoyed the performance he did. I think he was very proud of what he did. Heath was never one to be over the top with anything, but I think he would be really quietly pleased, you know, that it’s being recognized by his peers in the industry. – The late Heath Ledger’s mother, Sally Bell, on what her son would have thought of the win for Best Supporting Actor.

Well, we basically used the theatrical mix and then sweetened it for IMAX. The idea was just to make as visceral and exciting and powerful a sound track as we could. And we maximized that in a theatrical 5.1 format and we maximized that in the IMAX format using the little advantages that IMAX gave us as far as power and level. And so it was just a matter of experimentation, really.Richard King, achievement in sound editing, on how they enhanced The Dark Knight for its IMAX release.

I think you have to be very bold. And in some respects, you have to be kind of willfully disrespectful to material. You have to put it away, put the book away, and do your own thing with it. Because I’ve learned over the years that the worst thing you can do is be very respectful to the material and kind of transliterate from book to screen. It’s such a different medium. You have to take the core of it and then change everything around it and keep I would say if you keep the soul of it the same, then you succeeded. But everything on the periphery will change. And I always say that to the novelist if I’m adapting a novel. I always say, ‘Everything will change, but I promise to keep the soul of your novel the same.’ – Adapted screenplay winner Simon Beaufoy on the process of adapting another work

I don’t know because until this film, I’ve done films before but none of them have ever been nominated for everything. So suddenly, around September time, someone asked you for an interview and then it goes on. And then it goes on and on and on. People who have been nominated before will know that process, so every single aspect has been new to me. So you don’t know if someone says, I think you’re going to win, that someone personally close to you, obviously, is hoping that you’ll win. But I didn’t think I was going to win because I thought other films were going to win. – Achievement in Costume Design’s Michael O’Connor on the swirl of feelings that come with being nominated.

I mean, I’m always insecure on the set no matter what. When you’re working with Woody Allen you know that you can trust the person that you’re working with and if he doesn’t like something he will tell you. If he likes it, he will tell you. He’s not a man of too many words, but he’s honest and that’s what counts for me. We just trusted him. We did the whole movie in four weeks four and a half weeks, so I had no idea what it was to be. But of course I was never doubting the genius of Woody Allen. And I was curious about the tone, because I laughed a lot about the script and once I got into Maria Elena’s world, I didn’t want to laugh at nothing or anything or anyone for all those weeks. And then I saw the movie with an audience in Cannes. And I remember thinking, why are they laughing? And it comes from the director making sure the actors are not too aware of the genre. And we all knew it was a comedy. It’s time to forget about the genre of your movie once you’re on the set. And to forget where the jokes could be and which line the joke could be, all of that has to stay out of it. – Best Supporting Actress Penelope Cruz on working with Woody Allen

It’s all sort of an out of body thing. I mean, definitely, when we started this journey, I was, you know, just charging hotel stays and gasoline on my credit card and driving out to meet with Cleve Jones and Anne Kronenberg in San Francisco. There’s no studio, things like that. Your dream is don’t screw it up, first of all; and your second is, let’s get it to a great director. And I was fortunate and got it to Sean and it just kept being the next thing in front of you. And then all of a sudden, four weeks ago was a nomination, and it’s just sort of unbelievable. I don’t quite believe it yet. Maybe when I see my mom in a few minutes, I’ll believe it. – Original Screenplay winner Dustin Lance Black on whether he ever dreamed of winning the Oscar®.

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