29th Annual American Music Awards

Welcome to Digital Hit's coverage of the 29th American Music Awards. The show started off with host Jenny McCarthy heading towards the stage, angry that several people were wearing the same dress as her. She went to complain to producer Dick Clark…only to discover he was in the same dress. After that co-host P. Diddy started off with the first musical number of the night which also featured Snoop Dogg, Mr. Cheeks, Lil' Bow Wow and…Ben Stiller.

After some opening schtick, they cut to a live from Japan clip of Janet Jackson which seemed to have no purpose. Oh well.

The first presenters were Alicia Keys and *NSync'ers Justin, Chris and JC. They were there to present the award for Soul/R&B Favorite Band, Duo or Group. The winner was Destiny's Child. The girls gave the usual "shout out" to the fans and thanked their management and label. One award down, 2 hours and 48 minutes to go.

[Considering all the money behind these shows you'd think the comedy bits would be better written. The music award shows always feel like they're being handed out at an office Christmas party.]

JoDee Messina and Frankie Muniz were the next presenters. They were there to hand out Favorite Pop/Rock New Artist. Alicia Keys (the most nominated person tonight) won the award. She thanked Dick Clark for "having me here tonight" and Clive Davis "for seeing the vision."

Kevin Richardson and recently arrested Nick Carter came out with Crystal Harris, the first artist on their own label. They presented the Favorite Country Album award to Tim McGraw.

Heading back to Tokyo, Janet Jackson who wanted to introduce the next musical performer, Lenny Kravitz, and as Janet put it, "his fine ass." Lenny's performance proved that his band rocks circles around so much of the fluff that passes for chart toppers these days.

Jenny then introduced Mark McGrath and Nikki Taylor, the model who almost died in a car crash. Mark tried to convince her to date him because rockers like Rod Stewart and Mick Jagger have always dated models. They presented the award for Favorite Pop/Rock Album to Destiny's Child for Survivor.

SheDaisy then introduced the next musical act of the night, Toby Keith.

The next presenters were the two Nellies, rapper Nelly and Nelly Furtado. They presented the Favorite Alternative Music Artist to Limp Bizkit, their first AMA. According to they guys, lead singer Fred Durst wasn't there because he was "under the weather", so they actually got some mic time for a change.

LeAnn Rimes presented the next musical act, Usher, and his guest guitarist, Richie Sambora.

Inspirational singers Steven Curtis Chapman and Donnie McClurkin came out to explain the rules of the awards and then present the AMA for Favorite Female Country Artist to Faith Hill. Her husband, Tim McGraw, accepted the award on her behalf.

Father/son rappers Master P and Lil' Romeo presented the next award for Favorite R&B/Soul New Artist to Alica Keys, her second New Artist award this evening (having previously won in the Pop/Rock category). She managed to thank the people in her team that she forgot to thank last time.

Tiffani Theissen (she had the Amber surgically removed) and The Calling were out next to present the AMA for Favorite Pop/Rock Female Artist to Janet Jackson, who accepted live from Japan.

Lifehouse introduced the next performer, Britney Spears. Her performance started off with a clip from her new film Crossroads. For once it seemed like she actually sang live, since most of her TV performance and "live" concert performance are usually lip-synched.

P. Diddy then gave a "shout out" to God, thanking him since this time last year he was in his nightclub shooting trial.

Rose McGowan, Ludacris and Ginuwine presented the next award for Favorite R&B/Soul Female Artist. The winner was the late singer Aaliyah, who died last year in a plane crash.

Reba McEntire was out to present the special Award of Merit to Garth Brooks. After a video montage of his songs and achievements, Garth took to the stage to pay his thanks, even thanking his ex-wife.

Hour and a half to go. And you thought it was almost over…

Pathetically bad TV group O-Town were the next presenters. They were there to present an award to a real band, the Favorite Country Band, Duo or Group, Brooks & Dunn.

Actor/model Tyrese was out next to introduce the next performer, gospel singer Yolanda Adams.

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Jagged Edge announced the winner of the Internet Fans Award, which was directly voted on by fans on the 'net. U2 were the winners.

Rollerball co-stars Chris Klein and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos presented the Favorite Pop/Rock Band, Duo or Group to *NSync, a win which elicited a few boos from the audience. Justin Timberlake told them not to boo as "U2 will win at the Grammys." I'm sure Dick Clark loved the Grammy reference, considering he's suing their producer for $10 million.

Cedric the Entertainer was next on stage to introduce the next performer, Shaggy.

The Favorite Latin Artist Awards was present by Darren Hayes and Jamie O'Neal. Enrique Iglesias was the winner, but he was not able to attend.

Faith Evans and Trick Pony were up to present the first ever Contemporay Inspirational Artist Award. The first recipient of this new award was Yolanda Adams. Yolanda told the crowd that "We serve an awesome God, don't we?" After thanking her deity, she went on to thank her management and label.

Christina Applegate and Uncle Cracker introduced Cher's performance. Cher's up against Michael Jackson for the Plastic Surgery AMA.

Carrot Top and India.Arie followed Cher to present the Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Artist Award. The winner of that AMA was earlier presenter, Nelly. It's his first AMA.

Ashton Kutcher of That 70s Show introduced the next performers, Brooks & Dunn. He joked that "if these guys talk about 'the hood' they're probably referring to the front of a pickup truck. And you'll never hear them say, 'Yo, bitch, where's my horse at?'"

Redman and Method Man were the next presenters, handling the chore of handing out Favorite Soul/R&B Male Artist to Luther Vandross.

Melissa Joan Hart and Busta Rhymes were the next presenters, for the category Favorite Country New Artist. The winners were Trick Pony.

Sheryl Crow and Lit came out to present another new award, the Coca-Cola New Music Award, to an unsigned band, Carbon Leaf.

With half an hour to go, Mandy Moore and Ja Rule were the presenters for the Soul/R&B Album award. The winner was the late Aaliyah.

Pamela Anderson intro'd the next performance, her boyfriend, Kid Rock. A voice over said he wanted his performance to fit in with most of today's music, so the camera cut to a mannequin and a reel to reel tape deck. I wonder what Britney thought of that? After a minute or so, the screen lifted and Kid did do a live performance.

Bill Maher and Blu Cantrell explained the rules…again…and then handed out Favorite Country Male Artist to Tim McGraw.

Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons then came out in full KISS makeup to present the Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist. The winner was Lenny Kravitz, who said he appreciated getting the award from Gene and Paul, since they turned him on to music when he was 12 years old.

Melissa Etheridge then introduced Luther Vandross, whose performance paid tribute to the late George Harrison and other musicians who passed away last year.

Rush Hour's Chris Tucker then introduced the video montage honoring Michael Jackson's Artist of the Century Award. Michael, the self-proclaimed King of Pop, then came out to accept the award. Besides thanking his family and management, he also thanked his "second father", Marlon Brando.

You can't top a comment like that…so that was it for the 29th AMA's. See ya next year.

Here are the nominees (and winners in bold):


Favorite Male Artist:

  • R. Kelly
  • Lenny Kravitz
  • Shaggy

Favorite Female Artist:

  • Janet Jackson
  • Alicia Keys
  • Jennifer Lopez

Favorite Band, Duo or Group:

  • Dave Matthews Band
  • *NSync
  • U2

Favorite Album:

  • "Everyday" (Dave Matthews Band)
  • "Survivor" (Destiny's Child)
  • "Celebrity" ('N Sync)

Favorite New Artist:

  • Nelly Furtado
  • Alicia Keys
  • Lifehouse


Favorite Male Artist:

  • Ginuwine
  • R. Kelly
  • Luther Vandross

Favorite Female Artist:

  • Aaliyah
  • Mary J. Blige
  • Alicia Keys

Favorite Band, Duo or Group:

  • Destiny's Child
  • The Isley Brothers featuring Ronald Isley aka Mr. Biggs
  • Jagged Edge

Favorite Album:

  • "Aaliyah" (Aaliyah)
  • "All For You" (Janet Jackson)
  • "Songs In A Minor" (Alicia Keys)

Favorite New Artist:

  • Blu Cantrell
  • Alicia Keys
  • Musiq Soulchild


Favorite Male Artist:

  • Toby Keith
  • Tim McGraw
  • Travis Tritt

Favorite Female Artist:

  • Sara Evans
  • Faith Hill
  • Jo Dee Messina

Favorite Band, Duo or Group:

  • Brooks & Dunn
  • Lonestar

Favorite Album:

  • "Steers & Stripes" (Brooks & Dunn)
  • "I'm Already There" (Lonestar)
  • "Set This Circus Down" (Tim McGraw)

Favorite New Artist:

  • Jamie O'Neal
  • Blake Shelton
  • Trick Pony


Favorite Artist:

  • Enya
  • LeAnn Rimes
  • Sade


Favorite Artist:

  • Enrique Iglesias
  • Shakira
  • Jaci Velasquez


Favorite Artist:

  • Nelly
  • Ja Rule
  • Shaggy


Favorite Artist:

  • Limp Bizkit
  • Linkin Park
  • Staind


Favorite Artist:

  • Yolanda Adams
  • Steven Curtis Chapman
  • Donnie McClurkin


  • "American Pie 2"
  • "Moulin Rouge"
  • "Save The Last Dance"

Award of Merit

  • Garth Brooks

Internet Fans Award

  • Destiny's Child
  • Janet Jackson
  • Alicia Keys
  • Tim McGraw
  • Shaggy
  • U2

Coca-Cola New Music Award

  • Carbon Leaf

Artist of the Century Award

  • Michael Jackson