33rd Annual American Music Awards (2005)

Welcome to our live coverage of the 2005 American Music Awards, hosted by Cedric the Entertainer.


8:00 PM ET

The evening starts off with a performance by Mariah Carey, whose current body has more curves than California's Pacific Coast Highway.

8:04 PM ET

We move right into a performance by Kenny Chesney, but not before they plug the fact that Renee Zellweger's annulment partner has an ABC holiday special on tomorrow night.

8:10 PM ET

Cedric the Entertainer strolls on stage with a boom box on his shoulder. He called it the "first iPod".

"Lindsay Lohan's here tonight. Thank God she didn't drive."

He talks about celebrity style and then shows some Photoshopped shots of his head on various celebrity bodies. "Britney's soon to be ex-husband has a new cologne coming out...it's called Freeloader."

He introduces tonight's first presenter, Shakira, who's presenting Soul/Rhythm & Blues Favorite Female Artist. And the AMA goes to Mariah Carey, who had time to change into an even more revealing outfit. Also of note: first "thanks to God" happened at 8:16pm.

8:21 PM ET

We cut to a satellite feed from Salt Lake City, where Nicole Richie (eat!) promos the upcoming performance by The Rolling Stones.

Brooks & Dunn are now stumbling through their intros for Country Favorite Female Artist. And the AMA goes to Gretchen Wilson. She thanks the fans, God, and her band and road crew.

Emmy Rossum then introduces a performance by Rob Thomas.

8:28 PM ET

Tabloid fave Lindsay Lohan performs...of course I'm using the word "performs" as that's the verb that's closest to what she's actually doing. I'd say stick to acting, but she's no great shakes there either. She's warbling a Stevie Nicks tune. What did Stevie ever do to her?

8:38 PM ET

Daddy Yankee and Travis Barker present the Favorite Breakthrough Artist. And the AMA goes to Sugarland.

8:40 PM ET

Jeremy Piven introduces a performance by Pharrel and Gwen Stefani.

8:45 PM ET

Nick Lachey and Ashanti announce the nominees for Favorite Pop/Rock Female. And the AMA goes to Gwen Stefani. Gewn hadn't even taken her ear monitors out after the performance, so she wasn't even sure what category she had just won.

8:50 PM ET

Eddie Cibrian and Pamela Anderson stroll and jiggle out to present Soul/Rhythm & Blues Favorite Band, Duo or Group. And the AMA goes to Destiny's Child. Kelly Rowland is the only one there to accept. She thanks Jesus, their label and their fans.

Jenny McCarthy now introduces Hilary Duff, who apparently survived the withering stares from Lindsay Lohan backstage. She performs her new song, which is a piece of repetitive drivel which sounds like the theme to a Saturday morning kids show or perhaps the jingle to a watch commercial.

8:57 PM ET

Keith Urban's performing now. Apparently he doesn't warrant a celebrity intro, just a voiceover.

9:05 PM ET

Still two hours to go. Cedric the Entertainer introduces Gretchen Wilson and Ryan Cabrera. They're passing out the hardware to the winner of Country Favorite Male Artist. And the AMA goes to Tim McGraw. It's his seventh AMA.

Lee Ann Womack introduces an acoustic duest of Time After Time by Cyndi Lauper and Sarah McLachlan. They get a standing ovation.

9:13 PM ET

Eve and dancehall king Sean Paul present Soul/Rhythm & Blues Favorite Male Artist to R. Kelly. He's the first no show of the night.

We go back to the Kay Diamond Lounge, where Babyface introduces some clips from AMAs past.

9:20 PM ET

Serena Williams and Frankie J explain the rules of the AMAs and give a shout out to the accountants who tabulate the results. Doing double duty, they also present the AMA for Favorite Latin Artist. And the AMA goes to Shakira. She thanks the radio stations for being open to playing Latin music.

Jesse McCartney introduces Bow Wow, Ciara and Omarion who perform a medley. How time flies. It seems like just yesterday he was Lil' Bow Wow.

9:27 PM ET

Cedric introduces Kelly Rowland and Jermaine Dupri. They're on deck to present Favorite Pop/Rock Male Artist. And the AMA goes to Will Smith. "First and foremost I want to thank my wife, Jada. Girl, you're in trouble tonight."

9:36 PM ET

Are next presenters are two guys who can't afford last names: Chingy and Ginuwine. They're presenting Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Female. And the AMA goes to Missy Elliot. Missy's on crutches so she takes a while to get to the stage. She thanks the audience for their patience and God for his inspiration.

Lance Armstrong introduces a performance by Los Lonely Boys and Santana. They get a thunderous ovation from the audience.

9:45 PM ET

Time to present Favorite Country Album. And the AMA goes to Tim McGraw.

9:51 PM ET

Brit James Blunt introduces a performance by Lance Armstrong's squeeze, Sheryl Crow.

We move from Sheryl straight into a performance by Tim McGraw.

9:59 PM ET

Dave Navarro and Carmen Electra. Dave wishes Carmen a happy second anniversary. They're presenting Pop/Rock Favorite Band, Duo or Group and the AMA goes to The Black Eyed Peas...who aren't there.

10:05 PM ET

Ryan Seacrest introduces a performance by The Eurythmics. Another huge ovation by the crowd.

10:12 PM ET

Chris Brown and Mary Mary take to the stage to present Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop Album. And the AMA goes to 50 Cent for The Massacre.

Back to cheap plugging, we go to the Kay Diamond Lounge with Babyface, who shows so more clips from AMAs past.

10:19 PM ET

John Stamos and Katherine Heigl are the presenters for the T-Mobile Artist of the Year Award. And the AMA goes to Kelly Clarkson, who's not there. Is anyone there tonight?

Missy Elliot announces a performance by Rascal Flatts.

10:29 PM ET

Tonight's Breakthrough winners, Sugarland, are presenting Contemporary Inspirational - Favorite Artist. And the AMA goes to Mary Mary. Obviously, they thank Jesus and God.

Jada Pinkett Smith steps out next to intro a performance by The All-American Rejects.

10:40 PM ET

The Backstreet Boys are the next presenters and besides explaining some more rules, they have the task of presenting Country - Favorite Favorite Band, Duo or Group to Brooks & Dunn, who have won this category five times.

James Denton and Paris Hilton are the presenters for Soul/Rhythm & Blues Favorite Album. And the AMA goes to Destiny's Child. Again, Kelly Rowland takes to the stage to accept.

10:45 PM ET

Cedric the Entertainer introduces the satellite performance of The Rolling Stones. The boys don't seem to care that it's a live TV show aiming for an 11pm finale.

10:59 PM ET

That's all folks.

Here are the nominees: