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General Entries for Feb 2020

Frozen II Blu-ray review

Feb 26, 2020 – When Frozen came out in 2013, it was a huge box office hit that spawned… (more)

Ford v Ferrari Blu-ray review

Feb 24, 2020 – I really enjoyed Ford v Ferrari. I initially screened it at the Toronto International Film… (more)

Jojo Rabbit Blu-ray review

Feb 22, 2020Jojo Rabbit is a polarizing film with people either loving it or looking upon it… (more)

Midway 4K Blu-ray review

Feb 19, 2020 – Roland Emmerich’s Midway may sometimes lack some emotional depth and have line deliveries right out… (more)

Snatchers Blu-ray review

Feb 17, 2020 – High school can often be a tough time. Nobody knows this more than Sara. Sex… (more)

FLCL: Progressive and Alternative Blu-ray review

Feb 04, 2020 – Warner Bros Home Entertainment has now released a Blu-ray combo pack of Adult Swim’s cult… (more)

Parasite Blu-ray review

Feb 01, 2020 – South Korean film Parasite made history when its cast won Best Ensemble in a Motion… (more)