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General Entries for Apr 2022

Orange County Blu-ray review

Apr 13, 2022 – Jake Kasdan’s 2002 comedy Orange County is now getting the Blu-ray treatment from Paramount Home… (more)

Win a Date with Tad Hamilton! Blu-ray review

Apr 12, 2022 – I have to tip my hat to Paramount Home Entertainment. Win a Date with Tad… (more)

CSI: Vegas Season One DVD review

Apr 08, 2022 – Paramount and CBS Home Entertainment have released CSI: Vegas Season One on DVD and I… (more)

Jackass Forever Blu-ray review

Apr 07, 2022 – When the American Film Institute updates its Top 100 films, I’m pretty sure that Jackass… (more)

Soapdish Blu-ray review

Apr 07, 2022Soapdish is one of those light, fun films with a great cast that is perfect… (more)

Let It Ride Blu-ray review

Apr 06, 2022 – Paramount Home Entertainment is releasing the 1989 comedy Let It Ride on Blu-ray. It’s another… (more)

Jack Reacher 4k SteelBook

Apr 06, 2022 – 2012’s Jack Reacher has been given the 4K UHD SteelBook treatment by Paramount. The video… (more)

Scream (2022) 4K review

Apr 05, 2022 – It’s been 25 years since the original Scream and its Ghostface Killer terrified and amused… (more)