Digital Hit's Christmas Gift Guide

days until Christmas.

Quick Gift Links

Every year the Xmas selling season decorations seem to get put up in the stores earlier and earlier. Soon we'll see the decorations for next Christmas put up the day after this year's are taken down.

We're here to help you sort through some of the entertainment-related gift ideas and make your shopping go a little easier online. No line-ups, no cranky clerks, and you can shop in your underwear. We realize some of you already shop in your underwear, but c'mon, you'll get arrested one day. Anyway, you can give two gifts in one when you shop through us. Just click on the links to any of the companies we're affiliated with and we'll get an itty-bitty cut of your purchases. That's a great way to get what you want for the holidays AND support an independent content site at the same time. And we won't expect any turkey!

"Give the gift that keeps on giving, fa la la la la la la la la." Yes, magazines are a great gift as they land on the doorstep month after month. Obviously, we're partial to entertainment and celebrity mags like Entertainment Weekly, but our friends at Amazon have hundreds of other titles to choose from.

General Sideshow Banners

If you really love a movie series like Star Wars and Lord of the Rings or TV shows like Buffy and Monty Python, then the folks over at Sideshow Collectibles have the perfect figures to adorn your office, dorm or shrine. Check them out.

Okay, so we're talking about movies and the holidays, right? How about holiday movies? Digital Hit's taken a look at some of the holiday classics.

If you're in the Christmas mood, Amazon's got you covered when it comes to everything Christmas related. Whether you're looking to buy Christmas trees and trimmings, Christmas ornaments, Christmas lights, holiday tableware or festive attire, the Christmas Corner store at Amazon has you covered. And your purchases keep on giving as the sales help support us too!