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Die Another Day

Die Another Day
Photo: Photo: Keith Hamshere © 2002 DANJAQ, LLC and UNITED ARTISTS CORPORATION. All rights reserved.

Director(s): Lee Tamahori

Writer(s): Neal Purvis and Robert Wade

Cast: Pierce Brosnan, , Toby Stephens, Rosamund Pike, Rick Yune, John Cleese and Judi Dench

Release Date(s)

Nov 22, 2002 - Wide

James Bond flicks are like McDonald’s dinners: you know what you’re getting and they’re all about marketing tie-ins.

Die Another Day is the twentieth Bond flick and 007 finds himself circling the globe in his quest to unmask a traitor and prevent a war of catastrophic proportions. This is the fourth time that Pierce Brosnan has played Bond but he says he hasn’t rested on his laurels. “I still give a hundred and ten percent all the time,” he says. “The challenge now is to continually make it better than the one before. That’s tough because we’ve set the bar so high.” He feels that the character arc for this outing is much more challenging as “Bond is captured, tortured, and stripped of his credentials as a double-O agent. For the first time, he becomes a renegade, forced to redeem himself and get back into the game. He almost loses his identity. What better grist for the mill for a character like Bond?”

Halle Berry plays Jinx in the film and doesn’t think it’s weird going from her Oscar®-winning role in Monster’s Ball to being a bikini-clad Bond babe. “I think it adds luster to the gold,” she says. “I enjoy being a Bond Girl!”

She doesn’t see her character as the typical Bond girl either. “I like Jinx,” she says. “She’s really strong, and I like the fact she’s the next step in the evolution of the Bond woman. Year after year they’ve gotten a little stronger, a little smarter, and more equally yoked with Bond, while still retaining their sexiness. Now they’re Bond’s intellectual equals and physical rivals – and Jinx is one more step in that evolution. Jinx is really sexy,” Berry continues. “Super feminine, very witty, as quick as Bond with the comeback lines and as tough as nails. That’s the most empowered woman to me – someone who can be sexy and tough at the same time. Jinx has many layers to her character and they’ve been enormous fun to play around with.”

Another Academy Award winner, Judi Dench, doesn’t see any problems mixing the Bond into her career either. “I was really looking forward to starting work on Die Another Day,” she says. “It’s a homecoming. You are surrounded by familiar faces, a bit like a repertory company, so you don’t feel a stranger on the set. You’re always treated very well on Bond films. “Both my late husband and daughter were very excited when I was first cast as M – even more than me,” she continues. “They said, ‘Go for it, be a Bond girl!’ I love the role of M, I really do. It’s huge fun being Bond’s boss.”