Recent Lindsay Lohan News

Lindsay Lohan’s warrant recalled after bond posted

May 21, 2010 – LiLo’s bail bond paid hours after warran issued.

Warrant issued for Lindsay Lohan’s arrest after no-show at court

May 20, 2010 – Judge wasn’t buying what Lilo’s lawyer was selling.

Lohan’s lawyer admits client fell off wagon

Jan 03, 2008 – Lindsay filmed swigging champagne in Capri.

Lindsay Lohan pleads guilty on DUI charges

Aug 23, 2007 – Actress admits to drug and alcohol addictions.

Lindsay Lohan arrested on DUI again

Jul 24, 2007 – We’re guessing the alcohol monitor was just an accessory.

Lindsay Lohan checks into rehab again

May 29, 2007 – If at first you don’t succeed…

Lindsay Lohan arrested on suspicion of DUI

May 26, 2007 – Okay, who had May 26th, 2007 in the office pool?

Lindsay Lohan checks into rehab

Jan 18, 2007 – Actress says she’s being proactive.

A flurry of galas announced for Toronto film fest

Aug 10, 2006 – Star-studded galas added to Toronto list.

MTV hands out the popcorn

Jun 06, 2004 – 2004 MTV Movie Award winners announced.

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