What will the Emmys do?

Oct 10, 2001 by Ian Evans

When the Emmy Awards were cancelled on Sunday, it marked the second time the show did not go on.

They were originally scheduled to air September 15th, but the terrorist attacks on the US on September 11th meant that the show’s funny, glamorous plans were out of step with the nation’s mood.

They were rescheduled to October 7th, and though Ellen DeGeneres would still host, Walter Cronkite was added to the show’s beginning and segments paid tribute to firefighters and the police.

Hours before the show was to air, the US and Britian launched a military strike against targets in Afghanistan. The producers again decided their show would not fit the national mood.

So what’s next? One suggestion is to host the show at a later date on a California air force base. That would serve two purposes. It would be rewritten as a Bob Hope-esque entertainment for the troops and also reduce fears of high-profile attacks by having the celebrities on a military base.

What will happen? A final decision should be made in a few days.