Main News Archive for Apr 2001

New woes for Downey Jr.

Apr 25, 2001 – Actor arrested again and kicked off Ally McBeal.

Another one bites the dust…

Apr 17, 2001 – Cross Buffy off the list of single gals.

We think she has a toaster

Apr 17, 2001 – Minnie Driver gets engaged to Josh Brolin.

Brando’s health scare

Apr 12, 2001 – Legendary actor hospitalized before high-paying cameo.

Harmon to leave Law & Order

Apr 10, 2001 – Long-running TV drama loses one to features.

Washington helmer gets greenlight

Apr 06, 2001 – Denzel hits the director’s chair.

Aliens head home

Apr 06, 2001 – 3rd Rock aliens use their return ticket

Spy Kids wins at box office

Apr 01, 2001 – Banderas’ spy film gets the number one spot.