Kidman responds to Cruise

May 04, 2001 by Ian Evans

Nicole Kidman filed her written response to Tom Cruise’s February divorce petition on Thursday. The papers, filed with Los Angeles Superior Court, state that the actress was surprised by his actions.

According to the documents “This came as a shock to respondent (Kidman). On Dec. 24 the parties had happily celebrated their 10th anniversary with a group of friends. During the balance of December and thereafter the parties were intimate; In fact respondent (Kidman) became pregnant by petitioner (Cruise) but lost the baby through a miscarriage.”

The filing goes on to say that Kidman “protested (Cruise’s) intention to dissolve their marriage and urged him not to leave but to enter marriage counseling with her or take other steps to address whatever problems may have existed in their marriage.”

Her filing also disputes the date of the split, an important distinction that could affect support and property claims.

As for joint custody of their two adopted children, the response says that it would be “contingent on (Cruise’s) agreement to communicate, consult and from time to time meet directly with (Kidman) as to all important issues affecting the children’s general welfare.”