Writers strike averted

May 04, 2001 by Ian Evans

A tentative deal between writers and producers was reached today around 7:15pm Eastern time. By averting a strike by the writers, Hollywood has been spared the devasting one-two punch of back-to-back strikes by writers and actors.

Negotiators are positive that the WGA’s membership will ratify the three-year deal which features several big points that the writers were holding out for.

One of the key points is that the Fox network will soon be characterized as a full network and will no longer receive the ability to pay discounted fees to writers. Writers will also see an increase of foreign TV residuals and an increase in payments for made-for-cable shows. Bonus pay will also be granted for DVD and home video releases.

In the creative rights area, writers will be allowed to visit sets during filming and the original writer will now be consulted when a new writer is hired for revisions.

Up next, the producers still need to reach an agreement with SAG and AFTRA to keep productions rolling. Otherwise we’ll have the words — but no one to act them.