Schwarzenegger: The Idleness Terminator

May 19, 2002 by Ian Evans

At the annual meeting of the California Society of Newspaper Editors, Arnold Schwarzenegger said that he was behind a 2002 state ballot initiative that would budget over $400 million for extracurricular activities and tutoring help for students in kindergarten through ninth grade. The action star, who some say wants the real role of governor one day, strongly believes that idleness leads to drug abuse and delinquency.

“When (kids) go to school at the age of 6 there’s an empty bucket there, and someone by the time they’re 18 will fill that bucket. Is it going to be a parent? Is it going to be a good educator? Is it going to be a good mentor? Or is it going to be some other scum out there who is going to fill that bucket?” he asked.