Barbershop takes $21 million off the top

Sep 17, 2002 by Ian Evans

Okay, now that the Toronto International Film Festival is over, and we’ve had our sleep, it’s back to the news.

MGM’s new comedy, Barbershop, surprised a few analysts when it took in roughly $21 million over the weekend for the top spot. Another small comedy, the little-comedy-that-could My Big Fat Greek Wedding, took in another $11 for 2nd place in its 22nd week in release.

Yes, that’s 22 weeks. Most movies fall in the ranks, but this hit just keeps rising and has now crossed the $110 million mark.

The creepy Robin Williams film, One-Hour Photo, took third place with $7.7 million.

Rounding out the top five were Stealing Harvard with $6.3 million and Swimfan with $6.1 million.