Angels’ numbers not heavenly

Jul 01, 2003 by Ian Evans

Final weekend numbers showed that results for Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle didn’t live up to all the media hype we’ve been deluged with over the last few weeks. The bikini-clad sequel took in $37.6 million, less than the $40.8 million opening haul of the original. Meanwhile, The Hulk’s second weekend dropped over 70% to take in $18.8 million and earn it a second place showing.

Finding Nemo’s still doing swimmingly in third place, adding another $13.9 million. The computer-animated flick now has over $250 million over 5 weeks. The low-budget horror 28 Days Later did a very healthy $10 million, while 2 Fast 2 Furious took in $6.2 million to round out the top 5.

The American Idol bomb From Justin to Kelly, which didn’t even crack the top ten last week, earned a measly $625,000 in its second week.