Academy elects new governors

Jul 16, 2003 by Ian Evans

Five new governors, four of them first-timers, have been elected by their branches to represent them on the Board of Governors of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

In addition, nine incumbent members have been reelected. The terms of all 14 governors will begin August 1.

Newcomers to the board are Caleb Deschanel, cinematographers branch; Larry Gordon, producers branch; Kevin O’Connell, sound branch; and Tom Sherak, executives branch. Returning to the board is Bruce Broughton, music branch, who represented the branch for three consecutive three-year terms between 1990 and 1999.

Incumbent governors returning to the board are Ed Begley Jr., actors branch; Jeannine Oppewall, art directors; Michael Mann, directors; Arthur Dong, documentary; Dede Allen, film editors; Cheryl Boone Isaacs, public relations; Jon Bloom, short films and feature animation; Richard Edlund, visual effects and Frank Pierson, writers.

Three governors represent each of the Academy’s branches and are elected for staggered terms, so that each branch elects or re-elects one governor each year.

Governors whose positions were not up for re-election and who continue on the board are: actors branch, Kathy Bates and Tom Hanks; art directors, Jeffrey Kurland and Marvin March; cinematographers, Owen Roizman and Haskell Wexler; directors, Gilbert Cates and Curtis Hanson; documentary, Michael Apted and Freida Lee Mock; executives, William M. Mechanic and Robert Rehme; film editors, Donn Cambern and Tom Rolf; music, Charles Bernstein and Arthur Hamilton; producers, Kathleen Kennedy and Mark Johnson; public relations, Sid Ganis and Richard Kahn; short films and feature animation, Carl Bell and June Foray; sound, J. Paul Huntsman and Donald C. Rogers; writers, Fay Kanin and Hal Kanter; and visual effects, Jonathan Erland and Bill Taylor.