17 Sci-Tech achievements to be reviewed

Sep 09, 2004 by Ian Evans

The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences’ Scientific and Technical Awards Committee has chosen seventeen scientific and technical achievements for review for 77th Academy Awards consideration.

Committee Chair Richard Edlund said that, “The reason the committee announces this list of achievements is to give people or companies with a similar technology or claims of prior art the opportunity to contact the Academy and submit their technology for review. The Sci-Tech Committee can then determine if these entries warrant consideration as well.”

The methods or devices selected by the committee and the individuals or companies submitting them are:

  • Hot Gears Remote Systems; Salamati Productions, Inc.
  • FX Motion E-Gearing System; FX Motion
  • Silicone Appliances—Special Makeup; Greg Cannom
  • Truematch Compact Fluorescent Lamp Series KF 29, KF 32, KF 55; Kino Flo, Inc.
  • Satellight-X (HMI Softlight); Satellite-X, Inc.
  • Kodak Vision2 500T Color Negative Film 5218; Eastman Kodak Company
  • Perfect Horizon; Motion Picture Marine
  • Sparrow Head; Doggicam Systems
  • Telescopic Cameracrane; Technocrane
  • Vicon 8 Motion Capture System with MCAMS; Vicon Motion Systems
  • Adobe After Effects Software; Adobe Systems, Inc.
  • Apple Shake; Apple Computer
  • High Resolution 3D Laser Scanner; National Research Council of Canada
  • Polhemus Fastscan (Handheld 3D Laser Scanner); Applied Research Associates NZ Ltd.
  • Shapeware; Eyetronics
  • Storm (Software for Creating Volumetric Effects); Digital Domain
  • Cedar DNS 1000; Cedar Audio, Ltd.
A demonstration of selected achievements will be conducted on Tuesday, October 19, in the Academy’s Linwood Dunn Theater at the Pickford Center for Motion Picture Study. Awards Administration Director Richard Miller said the committee will meet on December 1 to vote on recommendations to the Academy’s Board of Governors, who will make the final decisions. The Scientific and Technical Awards will be presented at the Regent Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills on Saturday, February 12, 2005.

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