Golden Globes honor The Aviator and Sideways

Jan 17, 2005 by Ian Evans

The Golden Globes are often seen as a crystal ball for Oscar night, but the split between comedies and dramas can make for some teeth gnashing since the Academy Awards doesn’t make the genre distinction.

On the comedy/musical side, Annette Bening and Jamie Foxx walked away with golden hardware but Hilary Swank and Leonardo DiCaprio did the same on the side. While Martin Scorsese’s The Aviator won Best Drama, Alexander Payne’s Sideways won Best Comedy.

On the TV side of things, Nip/Tuck and Desperate Housewives beat out other critical darlings like Arrested Development and The Sopranos.

Meanwhile, Cecil B. DeMille Award honoree Robin Williams used his time to toss some playful zings at the group honoring him.

“At that time, a long time ago, they all had day jobs. I guess things have changed. I’d like to thank also the Hollywood Foreign Press for having an open bar. This makes this evening go kind of well.”

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