Gibson testifies at stalker trial

Mar 04, 2005 by Ian Evans

Mel Gibson was in court today, testifying against his accused stalker, Zack Sinclair. The actor-director said Sinclair. 34, “doesn’t appear to know his boundaries.”

Sinclair is on trial for frequent trips to the gate of Gibson’s Malibu home and for violating a court order to stay away from Gibson. According to Sinclair’s family, Zack was deeply moved by Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ and started visiting the chapel where Gibson and his family attend services. Gibson testified that Sinclair took his seat and then moved within inches of his face and said, “Hi, I’m here to pray with you.”

Gibson added that Sinclair “wasn’t scary or overtly threatening. I found it odd someone would not have a sense of personal boundary, and whether or not they were welcome,” Gibson said.

The jury will deliberate on Friday.