Did Paris Hilton threaten Toronto porn store?

Oct 26, 2007 by Ian Evans

Canada’s CTV News reported tonight that wannabe mainstream actress , in Toronto filming Repo! The Genetic Opera!, entered a downtown adult video store in a disguise after seeing several posters in the window advertising her One Night in Paris sex tape.

CTV News reporter Chris Eby viewed the security video at Yonge Street retailer Discount Video. He wasn’t able to show the video, which the store is trying to sell to U.S. tabloid shows, but his production team did secretly tape the audio. In the audio, Hilton (or a very good voice twin) threatens the store with legal action if they do not take the posters of her video out of their window. The heiress also reportedly tore some of the posters down herself.

CTV News was unable to get a response from Hilton’s reps.