SAG appoints David P. White as Executive Director and Chief Negotiator

Oct 18, 2009 by Ian Evans

The Screen Actors Guild has announced that its National Board of Directors appointed David P. White as National Executive Director and Chief Negotiator. White has been serving as the Guild’s Interim National Executive Director since January of this year.

Screen Actors Guild National President Ken Howard commented, “I am very pleased that our board has selected David White as National Executive Director. David is a highly skilled professional, with a remarkable ability to listen to the concerns of all sides of complex issues. He is respected by members and staff and I am confident that under his leadership, the Guild will continue building on the achievements he has overseen in the past nine months. We now have six previously open contracts ratified, new cost saving and administrative improvements in place, and innovative initiatives underway. I congratulate David on this position and look forward to working with him during my term as President.”