Danny Cahill wins NBC’s The Biggest Loser

Dec 09, 2009 by Ian Evans

If you’re wondering who won The Biggest Loser Season 8 finale, then wonder no more.

Danny Cahill started the season at 430 pounds. He lost 239, ending up a new man at 191 lbs. Though he lost 55.58% of his body weight, he gained $250,000. The second place went to Rudy Pauls, who lost 234 pounds or 52.94% of his body weight while Amanda Arlauskas finished in third, losing 87 lbs., or 34.80% of her body weight.

The at-home winner was a newly-blonde Rebecca Meyer, who lost 139 pounds, or 49.82%.

The show also had a few surprises. Shay Sorrells, whose weight loss journey inspired many viewers, was offered a chance to return to next season’s finale and grab a check from Subway for each pound she loses. Meanwhile, Alexandra White and Antoine Dove, who met on the show, got engaged in front of the live audience.