Judge orders Lindsay Lohan to rehab until 2011

Oct 22, 2010 by Ian Evans

It looks like Lindsay Lohan will be singing “Auld Lang Syne” in rehab as Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Elden S. Fox ordered the troubled tabloid fodder to remain at the Betty Ford rehab clinic until January 3rd. She will then have to be subject to random drug tests until a February 25th hearing.

The judge told Lohan, “You’re staying there past the New Year, and there’s a reason for that.”

The Deputy DA had asked that Lohan be sentenced to 180 days in jail, adding that she believed that was the only way for Lindsay to take this situation seriously. The judge, who said he had received a handwritten letter from Lohan, told the actress that he would go along with the DA’s request if she violated her probation again.

The judge told the Mean Girls star, “I’m not going to be manipulated. If you’re serious about what you wrote in the letter, if you’re serious about your sobriety…you will admit that you are an addict.”