Batman screening massacre leaves 12 dead, 50 wounded

Jul 20, 2012 by Ian Evans

They came to watch a midnight screening of the new Batman film The Dark Knight Rises. They instead found themselves in a real-life incident that sounds like a screenwriter’s invention.

At least 12 people are dead and 50 wounded after a 24-year-old gunman opened fire on a Friday morning screening at a cinema in Aurora, Colorado. The suspect, armed with multiple weapons and tear gas, was apprehended in the parking lot by police. He was wearing a bulletproof vest.

A police spokesperson told news network CNN that, “He did not resist. He did not put up a fight.”

There was added confusion in the theater as the suspect threw the tear gas and started shooting at the same time similar events were taking place on screen. It took a few moments for bystanders to realize what was happening. We’ll continue to follow this story.