Survey Results: Who do you think should win the 75th Oscars®?

Best Picture

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:51.16%
The Hours:9.63%
Gangs of New York:6.42%
The Pianist:3.74%

Best Actor

Jack Nicholson About Schmidt:54.37%
Daniel Day-Lewis Gangs of New York:25.79%
Adrien Brody The Pianist:8.33%
Nicolas Cage Adaptation:6.75%
Michael Caine The Quiet American:4.76%

Best Actress

Diane Lane Unfaithful:29.61%
Nicole Kidman The Hours:25.18%
Julianne Moore Far From Heaven:25%
Renée Zellweger Chicago:13.48%
Salma Hayek Frida:6.74%

Best Supporting Actor

Paul Newman Road to Perdition:38.39%
Chris Cooper Adaptation:23.23%
Christopher Walken Catch Me If You Can:14.96%
Ed Harris The Hours:12.6%
John C. Reilly Chicago:10.83%

Best Supporting Actress

Meryl Streep Adaptation:27.59%
Kathy Bates About Schmidt:25.94%
Catherine Zeta-Jones Chicago:24.14%
Julianne Moore The Hours:16.49%
Queen Latifah Chicago:5.85%

Best Animated Feature

Lilo & Stitch:56.66%
Ice Age:25.58%
Spirited Away:12.68%
Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron:3.81%
Treasure Planet:1.27%

Best Director

Stephen Daldry The Hours:37.34%
Martin Scorsese Gangs of New York:25.53%
Rob Marshall Chicago:23.42%
Roman Polanski The Pianist:7.17%
Pedro Almodóvar Talk to Her:6.54%

Adapted Screenplay

Charlie Kaufman and Donald Kaufman Adaptation:29.72%
Ronald Harwood The Pianist:22.35%
Bill Condon Chicago:21.43%
David Hare The Hours:21.43%
Peter Hedges, Chris Weitz and Paul Weitz About a Boy:5.07%

Original Screenplay

Nia Vardalos My Big Fat Greek Wedding:59.95%
Todd Haynes Far From Heaven:13.12%
Jay Cocks, Steve Zaillian, Kenneth Lonergan Gangs of New York:11.54%
Pedro Almodóvar Talk to Her:10.86%
Carlos Cuarón and Alfonso Cuarón Y tu mamá también:4.52%

Best Foreign Language Film

Nowhere in Africa:33.27%
The Crime of Father Amaro:21.33%
The Man Without a Past:14.68%
Zus & Zo:2.35%

Best Art Direction

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:60.91%
Gangs of New York:9.88%
Road to Perdition:2.88%

Best Cinematography

Road to Perdition:50.32%
Gangs of New York:17.06%
Far From Heaven:6.61%
The Pianist:5.33%

Best Costume Design

The Pianist:26.18%
The Hours:16.98%
Gangs of New York:9.43%

Best Documentary Feature

Bowling for Columbine:60.67%
Prisoner of Paradise:4.78%
Daughter From Danang:3.65%
Winged Migration:1.12%

Best Documentary Short Subject

Twin Towers:77.32%
Mighty Times: The Legacy of Rosa Parks:12.78%
Why Can't We Be A Family Again:5.43%
The Collector of Bedford Street:4.47%

Best Editing

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:60.24%
The Hours:10.59%
Gangs of New York:7.06%
The Pianist:3.06%

Best Makeup

The Time Machine:41.99%

Best Original Score

Road to Perdition:40.76%
The Hours:22.28%
Catch Me If You Can:19.49%
Far From Heaven:8.86%

Best Original Song

The Wild Thornberrys Movie "Father and Daughter":41.77%
8 Mile "Lose Yourself":23.16%
Gangs of New York "The Hands That Built America":15.58%
Chicago "I Move On":15.15%
Frida "Burn It Blue":4.33%

Best Animated Short Film

Mt. Head:36.73%
Mike's New Car:34.35%
The Chubbchubbs!:16.33%
The Cathedral:6.8%
Das Rad:5.78%

Best Live Action Short Film

This Charming Man:39.77%
Johnny Flynton:32.58%
I'll Wait For the Next One:12.5%
Fait d'hiver:7.2%

Best Sound

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:63.32%
Road to Perdition:4.44%
Gangs of New York:4.21%

Best Sound Editing

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:74.94%
Road to Perdition:13.08%
Minority Report:11.97%

Best Visual Effects

The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers:86.67%
Star Wars: Episode II - Attack of the Clones:3.87%

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