Survey Results: 2003 Emmy Awards: Who do you think should win?

Lead Actor - Comedy

Matt LeBlanc Friends:49.16%
Eric McCormack Will & Grace:18.29%
Tony Shalhoub Monk:12.25%
Ray Romano Everybody Loves Raymond:11.91%
Bernie Mac The Bernie Mac Show:5.2%
Larry David Curb Your Enthusiasm:3.19%

Lead Actor - Drama

Kiefer Sutherland 24:51.44%
Martin Sheen The West Wing:23.25%
Peter Krause Six Feet Under:10.49%
James Gandolfini The Sopranos:8.85%
Michael Chiklis The Shield:5.97%

Lead Actor - Miniseries/Movie

William H. Macy Door To Door:37.44%
Paul Newman Our Town:30.77%
James Woods Rudy: The Rudy Giuliani Story:13.59%
Brad Garrett Gleason:11.79%
Tom Wilkinson Normal:6.41%

Lead Actress - Comedy

Jennifer Aniston Friends:46.4%
Debra Messing Will & Grace:22.28%
Patricia Heaton Everybody Loves Raymond:11.89%
Sarah Jessica Parker Sex And The City:10.55%
Jane Kaczmarek Malcolm In The Middle:8.88%

Lead Actress - Drama

Jennifer Garner Alias:79.91%
Allison Janney The West Wing:6.85%
Marg Helgenberger CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:6.7%
Edie Falco The Sopranos:4.46%
Frances Conroy Six Feet Under:2.08%

Lead Actress - Miniseries/Movie

Thora Birch Homeless To Harvard: The Liz Murray Story:42.2%
Helena Bonham Carter Live From Baghdad:18.82%
Maggie Smith My House In Umbria:16.94%
Jessica Lange Normal:12.63%
Helen Mirren Tennessee Williams' The Spring Of Mrs. Stone:9.41%

Supporting Actor - Comedy

Sean Hayes Will & Grace:55.76%
Brian Cranston Malcolm In The Middle:12.27%
Peter Boyle Everybody Loves Raymond:10.22%
Brad Garrett Everybody Loves Raymond:9.29%
David Hyde Pierce Frasier:7.81%
John Mahoney Frasier:4.65%

Supporting Actor - Drama

Victor Garber Alias:84.33%
Bradley Whitford The West Wing:7.83%
John Spencer The West Wing:3.38%
Joe Pantoliano The Sopranos:3.07%
Michael Imperioli The Sopranos:1.38%

Supporting Actor - Miniseries-Movie

John Malkovich Napoleon:35.85%
Peter O'Toole Hitler: The Rise Of Evil:31.09%
Chris Cooper My House In Umbria:19.33%
Alan Arkin The Pentagon Papers:7.84%
Ben Gazzara Hysterical Blindness:5.88%

Supporting Actress - Comedy

Megan Mullally Will & Grace:57.43%
Doris Roberts Everybody Loves Raymond:19.27%
Kim Cattrall Sex And The City:11.74%
Cynthia Nixon Sex And The City:9.17%
Cheryl Hines Curb Your Enthusiasm:2.39%

Supporting Actress - Drama

Lena Olin Alias:77.24%
Stockard Channing The West Wing:9.56%
Tyne Daly Judging Amy:5.92%
Lauren Ambrose Six Feet Under:3.64%
Rachel Griffiths Six Feet Under:3.64%

Supporting Actress - Miniseries/Movie

Juliette Lewis Hysterical Blindness:33.23%
Helen Mirren Door To Door:26.52%
Kathy Baker Door To Door:16.46%
Anne Bancroft Tennessee Williams' The Roman Spring Of Mrs. Stone:13.41%
Gena Rowlands Hysterical Blindness:10.37%

Comedy Series

Will & Grace:22.86%
Everybody Loves Raymond:13.44%
Sex And The City:9.95%
Curb Your Enthusiasm:3.66%

Drama Series

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation:30.88%
The West Wing:15.13%
Six Feet Under:11.25%
The Sopranos:6.95%


Steven Spielberg Presents Taken:46.09%
Hitler: The Rise of Evil:39.11%

Made For Television Movie

Door To Door:31.12%
Live From Baghdad:26.57%
Homeless To Harvard: The Liz Murray Story:19.23%
My House In Umbria:13.99%

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