25th Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Four

After a crazy day like Day 3, you need a quiet day and thankfully this was it. We covered The Contender press conference and premiere with Jeff Bridges and Joan Allen and Shadow of the Vampire with Willem Dafoe.

At the press conference for The Contender, director/writer Rod Lurie said that he had written the role of the vice-president designate with Joan Allen in mind. He felt she was the female Gregory Peck. Like Peck, she has a dignity about her personal character.

Jeff Bridges was asked who he based his character on. Though he did mention a few presidents that he did take attributes from, he said one of his main inspirations for the role was his late father, Lloyd Bridges. He said his father had a certain joy and zeal for his work that he felt translated well into the way his character felt about the presidency.

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