28th Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Three

Saturday’s always a long day. This year there were press conferences for Mambo Italiano, I Love Your Work and The Event.

We also attended red carpets all over the city.

In the stage play turned film Mambo Italiano, a young Italian man faces the challenge of coming out to his family. Actor Paul Sorvino, who was in town with daughter Mira at last year’s festival, said that he hoped that he would have the courage and love to deal with that situation. The veteran actor said that every day performing is still a learning experience for him. He discussed the level of difficulty at performing with a new accent and said that just because you may have the accent down doesn’t mean you have a lock on the character. He said that if hard work isn’t done, the accent can be lost or become false in an emotional scene. Obviously a man who loves his work, Sorvino said that acting is a great art that the actor must respect and understand. He said that when he dies he’ll still be striving.

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