28th Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Nine

Chloƫ Sevigny sucked.

Is the previous statement a) a criticism of her performance in The Brown Bunny or b) a description of her performance in The Brown Bunny?

Needless to say, we attended the press screening for Vincent Gallo’s The Brown Bunny, which had a less than welcoming time at the Cannes Film Festival. This is the film that Roger Ebert hated so much that Vincent Gallo put a curse on his colon.

The 90 minute film was roughly 70 minutes of Vincent Gallo driving, 10 minutes of dialogue, 5 minutes of Gallo kissing strangers and 5 minutes of ChloĆ« Sevigny performing an all-out graphic oral sex scene with her director. So the answer for our previous question is “b”.

We ended off the day by attending premieres for The Boys from County Clare and Dallas 362.

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