31st Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Four

Another crazy day…

We started the day off with a press conference for The Last Kiss.

The Last Kiss, directed by Tony Goldwyn, examines the choices made by Zach Braff’s character as he turns 30.

The film is a remake of the Italian film L’Ultimo Bacio. When Lakeshore Entertainment acquired the rights, they turned to Oscar-winner Paul Haggis to adapt the screenplay. Director Goldwyn loved how Haggis’s screenplay presented its flawed characters with compassion and humanity in a balanced perspective.

Turning to casting, Goldwyn knew that Braff would be perfect for the part. He felt that Braff was able to walk the line between serious and funny and elicit sympathy for a character who doesn’t always do likable things.

In casting the role of Jenna, the producers turned to Jacinda Barrett, who had worked with them previously on The Human Stain. Barrett was actually in Cambodia on her honeymoon when the call came in for her to audition.

We then covered red carpets for Paris, je t’aime, The Last Kiss, For Your Consideration, Copying Beethoven, Last King of Scotland and All the King’s Men.

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