36th Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Seven

September 14th, 2011 – by Ian Evans

It’s day seven of the 36th Toronto International Film Festival. Things are winding down just a but and some of our press associates from other countries have headed home. We had some prior commitments that prevented us from dedicating the whole day to TIFF bit we did manage to catch the press conference for Joel Schumacher’s thriller Trespass.

It’s been a bit of a rocky and odd road for this film, which is already slated for a DVD/Blu-Ray release just a few weeks after its bow at TIFF. Academy Award® winner Nicolas Cage, who hasn’t been making all the best choices lately, reportedly held up shooting for a bit back in 2010 when he decided he’d rather play the role of the kidnapper than Nicole Kidman’s husband and fellow victim. That situation was resolved, with Cage heading back to the hubby role.

Cage shared a story with the press about a home invasion that happened to him, though not with the violent consequences depicted in the film. “I am actually one of the people who has lived through the nightmare,” he told reporters at the Bell Lightbox, saying that he woke up once to see “…a naked man in a motorcycle jacket eating a Fudgesicle at the foot of my bed.” The intruder eventually left without issue and Cage said he decided not to press charges as he figured the man wasn’t all there.

Schumacher saw the film as a comment on the current economic situation. “This is a class warfare movie, about the haves and have-nots,” the Lost Boys director said. “Sometimes the haves don’t have as much as we think they have.”