44th Toronto International Film Festival Coverage: Day Nine

Friday, September 13th, 2019 by Ian Evans

And We Go Green

And We Go Green courtesy of TIFF.

It’s the final Friday of the 2019 edition of TIFF. Having screened Ford v Ferrari yesterday, I continued the racing theme with a screening of the documentary And We Go Green. Directed by Fisher Stevens and Malcolm Venville and co-produced with Leonardo DiCaprio, this doc looks at the world of Formula E racing, which combines the excitement of Formula One racing with the environmental footprint of electric cars. The film follows a group of drivers and their racing teams as they try to win enough points over 12 races in 12 cities to win the championship. The rivalry between the drivers is as loud as the cars are quiet. The film manages to intersperse dramatic race scenes with a look at the engineering that will someday make it from the track to your driveway. It’s thrilling and informative.