8th Annual Academy Awards Coverage (1936)

  • Date of Ceremony: Thursday, March 5, 1936
  • For films released in: 1935
  • Location: Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles, California
  • Host(s): Frank Capra
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The 8th Annual Academy Awards took place at the Biltmore Hotel on March 5, 1936. They were hosted by director Frank Capra.

This year also marked the first year that the golden statuette was officially referred to as the “Oscar”.

The exact origin of the name is a hotly-debated issue. Some people say that Bette Davis named the statuette after first husband Harmon Oscar Nelson. Another story had the Academy’s Executive Secretary, Margaret Herrick, saying it reminded her of her “Uncle Oscar”, a nickname she had for her cousin Oscar Pierce. A newspaper columnist, Sidney Skolsky, was said to be present and wrote in his column that “Employees have affectionately dubbed their famous statuette Oscar.” Regardless of the exact origin, the name stuck and its official use began in the ceremony’s eighth year.

Check out Oscar’s nominations and winners for its eighth year.

Heading into the ceremony, the following film(s) had five or more nominations:

  • Mutiny on the Bounty: 8
  • The Lives of a Bengal Lancer: 7
  • The Informer: 6
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