The Finest Hours Blu-ray review

May 24, 2016- Permalink

The Finest Hours is based on the true tale of the sinking of the SS Pendleton in a massive storm in 1952 and its rescue by the small crew of the U.S. Coast Guard motor lifeboat CG 36500. Though only designed to hold 12 people, the brave crew manages to save the lives of 32 sailors. The film is now available as a Disney Blu-ray release.

The 1080p transfer has a 2.40:1 aspect ratio and the presentation is nothing short of solid. In a film that takes place during a stormy, nighttime rescue, you better get the details in darker scenes right and this disc does. Black levels remain excellent throughout the film and even though bursts of colour are infrequent, the detail remains sharp throughout especially when it comes to the crew’s faces and clothing textures.

On the audio side, viewers get the choice of an English DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 soundtrack or French and Spanish Dolby Digital 5.1 tracks. Subtitles are available in English SDH, French and Spanish. The 7.1 soundscape is impressive and immerses the viewer in the story. (Nautical pun not intended.) The storm that the battled though was intense and the low end of your system will need a vacation after watching this. The surround tracks do their jobs well well, from the groaning metal of the tanker to the distant screams of crew members. Despite all the action flowing from your speakers, dialogue is always clear and distinct.

Beyond the usual extras featuring cast and crew and deleted scenes, the real standout is a small doc on Bernie Webber, the Coast Guard crewman who lead the team that rescued the Pendleton.

The Finest Hours isn’t a flashy story, but it’s a story about people whose job entails putting their lives on the line for others. A welcome addition to your hone entertainment library.