The Smurfs (2021) Season 1 Volume 2 DVD review

Oct 04, 2022- Permalink

Paramount and Nickelodeon Home Entertainment are releasing The Smurfs (2021) Season 1 Volume 2 on DVD and I had the opportunity to take an early look and this second part of the 2021 reboot.

The computer animated reboot is a very colourful show that looks great even on DVD. As I’ve said before, market forces dictate that even though this show was aired in HD, the home market for this title is better suited to DVD and its lower price point. The primaries really pop.

The DVD disc contains nine episodes. The included episodes are:

  • The Pluffs!
  • The Majestic 5/Kitchen Klutz
  • Chef Soup/Adventures in Smurfsitting
  • The Round Up/Waffle Wednesday
  • Funny Mommy/Smurfy Day Care
  • Smurfy Secrets
  • Crashing Gargamel’s Party/The Curse of the Smurfs’ Treasure
  • Storm Loses her Mojo/Pop Out
  • Knight Smurfalot/Forget Me What?

On the audio side, the 5.1 soundtrack is mostly front-heavy. Dialogue is clear and centred and music is bright and clear.

Young children who love this new Smurfs reboot will be happy to see that their parents have added The Smurfs (2021) Season 1 Volume 2 DVD to their collection.