The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series (2019) DVD review

Oct 05, 2022- Permalink

Jordan Peele was one of the executive producers and the host of the two season reboot of the legendary series The Twilight Zone. The show ran on CBS All Access (the predecessor to Paramount+) for two seasons from 2019 to 2020. Like the original, this anthology series tackles a different issue each episode, from immigration to racism, alien invasions and misinformation. Some of the actors in the episodes included Sanaa Lathan, Chris O’Dowd, Morena Baccarin, Damon Wayans Jr., John Larroquette, Donna Dixon, Eric Keenleyside, Kristin Lehman, Ryan Robbins, Peter Kelamis, Ethan Embry, Gil Bellows, and George Takei. Paramount Home Entertainment is releasing The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series on DVD. I had a chance to take a look.

Normally when I review a recent TV series that’s been released on DVD, I mention that market forces often dictate why it didn’t get a Blu-ray release. The two seasons of this show were, however, individually released on Blu-ray, so it is kind of odd that they wouldn’t just repackage them as a complete series set. Still, they could have been looking at the fact that DVD still has a larger market share, so that format won out.

All that aside, these discs are about as good as the DVD format can look, with good detail, a pleasing colour palette and natural skin tones. As to be expected in the DVD format, darker scenes do suffer from some loss of detail and crushing. The twenty episodes of the series are spread over seven discs so there aren’t really any issues with compression artifacts. The series is presented in a 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.

On the audio side, the episodes comes with an English Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack as well as an additional English stereo track. Subtitles are available for English SDH. Dialogue in the series is clear, centred and well-prioritized in the mix. The surrounds are put to good use with ambient and action sounds moving through the soundscape.

The 7-disc set does not come with a digital code. Extras includes promos and additional insights on the events of each episode, audio commentaries, a tribute to Rod Serling, deleted and extended scenes, a couple of 29+ minute production pieces and a gag reel.

If you truly loved this reboot, then you might consider purchasing the two individually released seasons on Blu-ray to get the better video and nighttime detail. Still, with excellent audio and video for the DVD format, The Twilight Zone: The Complete Series DVD is a good pickup for more casual fans.