Little Dixie DVD review

Feb 10, 2023- Permalink

Frank Grillo teams up again with writer/director John Swab after the two previously worked together on Ida Red and Body Brokers. This time around their flick is Little Dixie, which is getting a DVD and VOD release from Paramount.

Grillo plays Doc, an ex-Special Forces member who now acts as the liaison between a Mexican cartel and the corrupt Oklahoma governor they’ve been in a truce with, Richard Jeffs (Eric Dane), an old military buddy of Doc’s. Despite protests from his Chief of Staff, Billie (Annabeth Gish), Jeffs launches a tough-on-crime initiative that includes the execution of a cartel leader. When the dead man’s brother, Lalo (Maurice Compte), seeks revenge, he sends a tough enforcer, Cuco (Beau Knapp), to take care of Jeffs. Doc must spring into action, but matters are complicated when his daughter becomes a chess piece in the deadly game. Swab and Grillo leave a path of destruction and death in their wake during this low budget action film. It’s bloody and violent, but if revenge is a genre you like, Little Dixie may be for you.

The DVD video presentation is good, with as much detail as that format allows though some scenes here and there feel a bit soft. Detail is sometimes lost in the darker scenes.

On the audio side of things, the disc comes with an English Dolby Digital 5.1 soundtrack and English subtitles. The disc does not come with a digital code and there are no special features.

Little Dixie is a B movie that knows its position in the cinema universe. Aware it doesn’t have any lofty goals, Little Dixie serves up violence, action and revenge to fans of the genre.