Blue’s Big City Adventure DVD review

Mar 10, 2023- Permalink

In Blue’s Big City Adventure, Josh gets a chance to audition for Rainbow Puppy’s Broadway show, so he and Blue skidoo off to the Big Apple. When they get lost, they need the help of their friends, including Steve and Joe, Blue’s previous companions on the show. Full of songs and familiar characters, the 74 minute movie will entertain fans. Paramount Home Entertainment is releasing this Nickelodeon movie on DVD and I had a chance to take a look.

On the video side, this is a nice looking DVD with as much sharpness as the format allows. At its 74 minute length, there’s room to breathe on the disc, so there’s no evidence of compression artifacts. The colour palette is bright and full of vibrant primaries. The live-action and computer-generated animation blend seamlessly.

On the audio side, the disc comes with an English Dolby Digital 5.1 track and a Spanish Dolby Digital Stereo track. Subtitles are available for English. The music is bright and dynamic, the dialogue and songs are clear and centred and there is some light surround action.

The single DVD disc does not come with a digital code. As for extras, there are some sing-a-longs, a hide-and-seek in NYC and Blue finding some clues.

Blue’s Big City Adventure is a fun and cheerful film that will entertain its audience. Bright and colourful with singing and dancing, this DVD will please young fans of the show.