Good Burger 2 DVD review

Mar 12, 2024- Permalink

Released twenty-six years after the first film, Phil Traill’s Good Burger 2 reunites Dexter (Kenan Thompson) and Ed (Kel Mitchell). Dexter is now a failed inventor and finds himself asking Ed for both a place to stay and a job, as his friend not only still works at Good Burger, he owns it. The antics follow the pals as they try to save their beloved restaurant from the clutches of an evil conglomerate. Filled with callbacks to the past and celebrity cameos, the film is a nostalgic trip for fans of the original movie and sketches on the Nickelodeon series All That. Paramount has now released the film on Blu-ray and DVD. Oddly, reviewers were only sent DVD copies for review. I’ll link to the Blu-ray option below, but you can obviously select the DVD option on Amazon, if that’s what you want.

Good Burger coverart

As mentioned, reviewers received the DVD for review. The video presentation still looks quite good for the DVD format with a nice bright colour palette, though at times the image can look a little dull.

On the audio side of things, the disc comes with a DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 soundtrack. Subtitles are available for English SDH. It’s a very front-heavy soundtrack and the surrounds only get occasional and light usage for ambient sounds. Dialogue in most comedies is key and here it clear and centred in the mix.

The DVD copy of Good Burgers 2 does not come with a digital code and it appears the Blu-ray doesn’t either. Extras include a recap of the first film, a look at the original sketch, extended bloopers, and some behind-the-scenes and cast featurettes.

Good Burger 2 will give some laughs to all, but more to fans of the sketch or first movie. The DVD has good video and audio, but dedicated fans of Kenan and Kel may want to upgrade to the Blu-ray version.