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Tribeca Film Festival: Day 2

It was a beautiful day in New York and the second day of the Festival was underway.

We started the day off by heading to the press office at the Embassy Suites, where we caught up on the latest information for the day's activities. Decided to see the press screening for the documentary End of the Century: The Story of the Ramones.

The film looked at the whole career of the influential punk band, from their childhood influences to their break-up. It was sad and frustrating to see a band that influenced so many others never achieve the commercial success that they sought. They toured endlessly and would swing from stadiums in South America to small clubs in Rhode Island, often within the same week. The interviews are often hilarious as the band members trash each other and build up their own place within the Ramones legacy.

Later that night, it was time to attend the premiere for Damon Dash's hip-hop comedy, Death of a Dynasty.

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We'd like to thank our friends at the Millenium Hilton for their gracious help and fantastic service during our coverage stay.