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Tribeca Film Festival: Day 4

It's now Day 4 of the 2nd Annual Tribeca Film Festival.

We started the day off by attending two press screenings, Justice and Bringing Rain. Justice was the story of a comic book writer who decides that after 9/11, New York needs a new superhero based on a real-life New Yorker. When he meets a Village Voice reporter and falls for her, he has to juggle his feelings of loss and his hopes for the future.

Bringing Rain is a serious, no nonsense drama about a group of students at a boarding school whose lives are affected by the actions of the school's two top atheletes.

We then headed down to Battery Park for MTV/VH1's 100% NYC: A Concert Celebrating the Tribeca Film Festival. This free concert was brought roughly 10,000 people down to the Lower Manhattan area. Besides helping the local economy with the cab trips and restaurant visits, the attendees got to enjoy performances by Sean Paul, Jewel, The Roots, Robbie Williams and Norah Jones. MTV/VH1 were taping the concert for later broadcast and the festival press were off in a little area partially blocked by trees. Still, we had a great time and we have a few photos to share.

We'd like to thank our friends at the Millenium Hilton for their gracious help and fantastic service during our coverage stay.