Academy Awards® Entries for 2002

This page provides links to all of the Academy Awards® entries for 2002.

Seventeen films vie for Animated Oscar® nomination

Dec 11, 2002 – Up to five of the flicks can be nominated. (more)

54 countries vie for Foreign Language Oscar®

Dec 02, 2002 – A record-breaking year includes an entry from Afghanistan. (more)

Martin to host Oscars®

Nov 08, 2002 – Second stint for talented comedian. (more)

18 achievements to be considered for Scientific and Technical Awards.

Sep 12, 2002 – The wizards behind the screen gear up for the 75th Annual Academy Awards®. (more)

Oscars® changing month?

Jul 02, 2002 – Academy boards wants a February show in 2004. (more)

Oscar®’s over for another year

Mar 25, 2002 – Just 365 days to go until the next one… (more)

Join us for live coverage of the Academy Awards®

Mar 24, 2002 – Results and commentary starting at 8:30pm ET. (more)

A plethora of presenters

Mar 22, 2002 – More names get added to the list. (more)

Hollywood gets ready

Mar 21, 2002 – More Oscar news on our first day in LA. (more)

Even more Oscar® news

Mar 16, 2002 – Slow down, AMPAS, we need to pack for our trip… (more)

Digital Hit heads to the Oscars®

Mar 13, 2002 – Fourth year that Digital Hit has been awarded press credentials. (more)

More Oscar® news

Mar 13, 2002 – The news keeps coming as the big night gets closer. (more)

Latest Oscar® info

Feb 27, 2002 – A flurry of info about your favorite golden guy. (more)


Feb 20, 2002 – More folks added to Oscar® appearance list. (more)

Oscar® nominees announced

Feb 12, 2002 – The hobbits lead with 13 nominations. (more)

More Oscar® presenters

Feb 07, 2002 – More folks who’ll grace the stage… (more)

Getting a seat in the bleachers

Feb 04, 2002 – Oscars® add background checks to the process. (more)

Crowe and Roberts to present

Feb 01, 2002 – Stars kick off confirmed presenters. (more)

Robert Redford to receive honorary Academy Award®

Jan 25, 2002 – Actor/Sundance founder to be honored as an inspiration to independent filmmakers. (more)

Arthur Hiller to Receive Hersholt Humanitarian Award

Jan 25, 2002 – Canadian-born director to get honored at 74th Oscars®. (more)

Sidney Poitier voted honorary Academy Award®

Jan 23, 2002 – Legendary actor to get special Oscar® (more)

Academy Announces Films in Competition for Best Achievement in Makeup

Jan 22, 2002 – Next step: committee will decide nominees. (more)

Academy Presents Bonner Medal to Ray Feeney

Jan 16, 2002 – Feeney to be honored for his pioneering efforts to improve visual effects in the motion picture industry. (more)

They’re all lookers

Jan 11, 2002 – Academy announces eight films in competition for Visual Effects Oscar® (more)

Did you hear that?

Jan 10, 2002 – Seven films to be considered by the Academy for sound editing nods. (more)

21 Scientific and Technical Achievements Receive Academy Awards®

Jan 07, 2002 – Academy tips their hat to the people who make the magic possible. (more)

Whoopi Goldberg to host Oscars®

Jan 07, 2002 – She’ll be the first host in new home. (more)

248 feature films eligible for 2002 Oscar® consideration

Jan 06, 2002 – Nominations ballots will be mailed Tuesday. (more)