Arnold Schwarzenegger Entries for 2003

This page provides links to all of the Arnold Schwarzenegger entries for 2003.

Arnold Schwarzenegger elected Governor of California

Oct 08, 2003 – Action star’s next role: Governor. (more)

Schwarzenegger wants to clean up California

Aug 06, 2003 – Wealthy candidate says he can’t be bought off. (more)

Schwarzenegger to run for governor

Aug 06, 2003 – The Terminator surprises the pundits. (more)

Good weekend for Jerry

Jul 22, 2003 – Producer takes top two films. (more)

No fireworks for weekend box office.

Jul 08, 2003 – Arnie and Reese miss expectations. (more)

More stars get part-time jobs

Jan 15, 2003 – Job description includes opening envelopes, introducing clips. (more)