Elizabeth Hurley Entries for 2000

This page provides links to all of the Elizabeth Hurley entries for 2000.

Hurley fined $100,000 by SAG

Dec 17, 2000 – Screen Actors Guild tosses a hefty fine at Liz for her commercial shoot. (more)

Boo hoo Hugh

Oct 22, 2000 – Elizabeth Hurley’s out on the town with new beau. (more)

Eddie helps strikers

Oct 18, 2000 – Eddie Murphy donates $100,000 to the SAG strike relief fund. (more)

Hurley says she’s sorry

Oct 17, 2000 – Liz apologizes to the Screen Actors Guild. (more)

Liz gets her apology

Sep 13, 2000 – Jane Magazine now says Liz never insulted Hugh. (more)

On again?

Aug 29, 2000 – Liz and Hugh show there’s nothing like ending a relationship to rekindle a romance. (more)

Stars, Stars and more Stars

Aug 22, 2000 – 25th Toronto International Film Festival announces more details. (more)

Hurley stands by her ex-man

Aug 03, 2000 – Actress/model says she never told Jane magazine that Hugh was just adequate in bed. (more)

Hurley in possible hot water

Jul 18, 2000 – Elizabeth Hurley shoots a commercial…in the middle of a strike. (more)

Grant and Hurley Split

May 23, 2000 – After 13 years, the frequently photographed couple calls it quits. (more)