Recent Halle Berry News

First trailer for Kingsman: The Golden Circle released

Apr 25, 2017 – Sequel to be released September 22nd.

Halle Berry has baby girl

Mar 17, 2008 – Mother and daughter doing great.

Talley dazzles with Oscar fashions

Jan 30, 2007 – Vogue editor parades gowns of the past.

Cars parks in first spot

Jun 14, 2006 – Final tally a couple of million less than estimates.

Aniston and Vaughn top box office

Jun 06, 2006 – Who knew The Break-Up could be a date film.

Brokeback Mountain tops Golden Globe nods

Dec 13, 2005 – Ang Lee film grabs seven nominations.

A plethora of stars to present Golden Globes

Jan 16, 2005 – Celebs get ready for Hollywood kudos party.

People’s Choice nods announced

Oct 26, 2004 – 31st version of kudofest changes rules.

Bourne’s supreme

Jul 27, 2004 – Damon actioner takes top spot.

Change the litter, this kitty stinks

Jul 22, 2004 – Hally Berry’s new flick is just plain awful.

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