Recent Halle Berry News

Oscar®’s over for another year

Mar 25, 2002 – Just 365 days to go until the next one…

Even more Oscar® news

Mar 16, 2002 – Slow down, AMPAS, we need to pack for our trip…

Fellow actors choose Crowe and Berry.

Mar 11, 2002SAG holds their eighth annual kudofest.

Oscar® nominees announced

Feb 12, 2002 – The hobbits lead with 13 nominations.

Fast and Furious weekend

Jun 25, 2001 – The Fast and the Furious takes the checkered flag.

Travolta comes out on top

Jun 11, 2001 – Maybe audiences have forgiven him for Battlefield Earth.

More Oscar® presenters…

Mar 08, 2001 – More names are added to the list of presenters.

Emmy nominations announced

Jul 20, 2000 – The Emmy nominations were announced today in Los Angeles.

What’s $3 million between friends?

Jul 17, 2000 – Final tally for X-Men drops it to sixth best three-day opening ever.

X-Men surprises analysts with big box office

Jul 16, 2000 – Estimated $57.5 million opening second only to MI:2 this summer.

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