Jim Carrey Entries for 2000

This page provides links to all of the Jim Carrey entries for 2000.

Moviegoers spend Xmas on island

Dec 26, 2000 – Cast Away number one at the Xmas box office. (more)

Golden Globe Nominees Announced

Dec 21, 2000 – Hollywood can now head back to bed after 5:30am wake-up call. (more)

Carrey and Zellweger split

Dec 14, 2000 – The Grinch stole Christmas but lost Renee. (more)

Oscar host not crystal clear

Dec 07, 2000 – Billy Crystal says he’ll be unable to host the Academy Awards®. (more)

How the Grinch stole the box office

Nov 19, 2000 – Jim Carrey’s Xmas film takes the number one spot at the weekend box office. (more)