Digital Hit’s new home

Jul 05, 2000 by Ian Evans

As the changes to the Domain Name records ripple across the planet, folks will be finding Digital Hit at a new home. The company that has hosted us for almost 3 years decided to get out of our type of hosting. So off we went, looking for a new home.

Our new server allows us to do some fun things. We’re going to be able to start using some database-driven features. For example, our new main page already automatically updates as we change the latest news. If one of our Celebrity Row celebs is mentioned in an article, it automatically appears on their page. We’re still exploring what we can do and we’re sure you’ll see new features coming down the road.

By the way, like any new home, we’re sure to find some dust bunnies somewhere. If you think something’s broken, hit the comment link and send us an email.

Thanks…and enjoy!