Main Entries for 2000

This page provides links to all of our entries in all categories for 2000.

Queen’s honours for showbiz

Dec 29, 2000 – Spielberg, Milligan and Stewart get honours from the UK. (more)

Doherty arrested on DUI charge

Dec 29, 2000 – Charmed star was weaving across L.A. freeway. (more)

Jason Robard dies at age 78

Dec 27, 2000 – Veteran American actor dies after long battle with cancer. (more)

Moviegoers spend Xmas on island

Dec 26, 2000 – Cast Away number one at the Xmas box office. (more)

Happy Holidays and Thanks

Dec 22, 2000 – Holiday greetings from us to you. (more)

Golden Globe Nominees Announced

Dec 21, 2000 – Hollywood can now head back to bed after 5:30am wake-up call. (more)

Who will it be?

Dec 20, 2000 – The television and film worlds wait for the Golden Globe nominations on Thursday. (more)

Sid Ganis to chair his sixth Governors Ball

Dec 19, 2000 – Academy veep to host the post-Oscar celebration. (more)

Academy/UCLA Documentary Series Continues with Second Half

Dec 18, 2000 – Free Screenings of past films from the Documentary categories (more)

Steve Martin to host Oscars®

Dec 18, 2000 – The 73rd Annual Academy Awards have their host. (more)

Hurley fined $100,000 by SAG

Dec 17, 2000 – Screen Actors Guild tosses a hefty fine at Liz for her commercial shoot. (more)

Paltrow stalker convicted

Dec 15, 2000 – Dante Soiu convicted after secretive trial. (more)

Carrey and Zellweger split

Dec 14, 2000 – The Grinch stole Christmas but lost Renee. (more)

Gil Cates to produce his tenth Oscar telecast

Dec 13, 2000 – Telecast veteran takes on the big night again. (more)

Wahlberg finds out The Truth About Charlie

Dec 12, 2000 – Mark Wahlberg to star in Jonathan Demme’s remake of Stanley Donen’s Charade. (more)

Paul talks of John

Dec 08, 2000 – McCartney says a few words on the twentieth anniversary of John Lennon’s murder. (more)

Werner Klemperer dead at 80

Dec 08, 2000 – TV’s Colonel Klink was suffering from cancer. (more)

Oscar host not crystal clear

Dec 07, 2000 – Billy Crystal says he’ll be unable to host the Academy Awards®. (more)

Spade attacked by employee

Nov 30, 2000 – David Spade gets assaulted by personal assistant during robbery attempt. (more)

Academy presents Divas of Italian Silent Cinema

Nov 28, 2000 – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to screen two classic Italian films. (more)

Downey Jr. arrested on drug charges

Nov 26, 2000 – Recently released actor returns to his bad habits. (more)

Academy presents election films

Nov 22, 2000 – Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to screen two election-releated films. (more)

Record 46 countries vie for Best Foreign Language Film Oscar®

Nov 20, 2000 – Number of entries beats previous record by one. (more)

How the Grinch stole the box office

Nov 19, 2000 – Jim Carrey’s Xmas film takes the number one spot at the weekend box office. (more)

Mr. Pacino’s ready for you Mr. DeMille

Nov 17, 2000 – Al Pacino will receive the Cecil B. DeMille award at the 58th Annual Golden Globe Awards. (more)

American Music Award Nominations

Nov 13, 2000 – Dick Clark produced awards show announces its nominees. (more)

Angels drop kick the Devil to #2

Nov 12, 2000 – Charlie’s Angels beat Little Nicky in weekend B.O. estimates. (more)

Ford and wife separate

Nov 08, 2000 – Harrison Ford and screenwriter Melissa Mathison separate after 17 years. (more)

Say it ain’t so Scooby

Nov 03, 2000 – Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar may solve crime together. (more)

A girl for Will and Jada

Nov 02, 2000 – Hollywood couple have a baby girl on Halloween. (more)

Comic genius Steve Allen dead at 78

Oct 31, 2000 – First host of the Tonight Show dies of a heart attack. (more)

Parents beat the Witch

Oct 29, 2000 – Robert De Niro’s Meet the Parents #1 for 4th week. (more)

Tenenbaums’ family expands

Oct 26, 2000 – Gene Hackman joins the cast of Anderson comedy. (more)

Smith back in the ring

Oct 24, 2000 – Will Smith’s stalled Ali biopic gets the green light. (more)

Academy announces Nicholl Screenwriting Fellowship winners

Oct 23, 2000 – Five new writers awarded $25,000 by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (more)

Boo hoo Hugh

Oct 22, 2000 – Elizabeth Hurley’s out on the town with new beau. (more)

Academy injects festivals with cash

Oct 20, 2000 – 14 U.S. film festivals get gifts from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences (more)

Broadway legend Gwen Verdon dead at 75

Oct 19, 2000 – Four-time Tony winner dies of natural causes. (more)

Eddie helps strikers

Oct 18, 2000 – Eddie Murphy donates $100,000 to the SAG strike relief fund. (more)

Okay, now you can buy the toasters

Oct 18, 2000 – Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones set wedding date. (more)

Hurley says she’s sorry

Oct 17, 2000 – Liz apologizes to the Screen Actors Guild. (more)

Fulgear fishy?

Oct 16, 2000 – Willie Fulgear, the man who found the stolen Oscars®, is the brother of one of the thieves. (more)

Smith pic TKO’d?

Oct 16, 2000 – Muhammad Ali biopic may be shelved. (more)

Pardon the mess…

Oct 14, 2000 – Vservers, our hosting company was having technical difficulties. (more)

98 Degrees feels the heat

Oct 13, 2000 – Lightweight pop group hit by heavyweight lawsuit. (more)

Friends return

Oct 12, 2000NBC’s hit show has back-to-back episodes to start off the new season. (more)

Almost Feathered

Oct 11, 2000 – Almost Famous star Kate Hudson signs on for Four Feathers. (more)

Dawson’s Dukes Dies

Oct 10, 2000 – David Dukes dies of heart attack at age 55. (more)

Are you looking at him?

Oct 09, 2000 – De Niro comedy pulls in audiences this weekend. (more)

Richard Farnsworth dead at 80

Oct 07, 2000 – Oscar®-nominated actor dies of self-inflicted gunshot. (more)

Sinatra helped JFK get elected

Oct 05, 2000 – Old Blue Eyes asked mob friends to assist Kennedy, according to daughter. (more)

Ford’s next career move might submerge him

Oct 04, 2000 – Harrison Ford may play Russian sub commander in next flick. (more)

Good weekend for Denzel, bad one for Minnie

Oct 02, 2000 – Denzel Washington’s latest opening is his biggest yet, while Minnie’s was anything but beautiful. (more)

Richard Mulligan dead at 67

Sep 28, 2000 – Emmy Award-winning actor dies of colon cancer. (more)

A few more minutes for Colleen

Sep 28, 2000 – Survivor contestant Collen Haskell lands a movie role. (more)

Anna Nicole Smith to get $400+ million

Sep 27, 2000 – U.S. federal bankruptcy judge awards former Playmate $449 million of her late husband’s $1.6 billion estate. (more)

Oscars® start Best Animated Feature category

Sep 27, 2000 – New award could be given out in the 2002 ceremony (more)

Remake of Spanish film says “Si” to C’s

Sep 26, 2000 – Crowe, Cruz, Cruise and Cameron sign up for Vanilla Sky (more)

Matt and Ben start a dot-com

Sep 23, 2000 – Damon and Affleck’s website to help an aspiring filmmaker. (more)

Etheridge and Cypher split

Sep 19, 2000 – Melissa and Julie end their 12 year relationship. (more)

Liz gets her apology

Sep 13, 2000 – Jane Magazine now says Liz never insulted Hugh. (more)

Screaming fans greet Hollywood hunks

Sep 13, 2000 – Wahlberg and Phoenix hit the Toronto International Film Festival (more)

Emmy Award Winners

Sep 10, 2000 – TV salutes its best. (more)

Ben and Gwyneth hit Toronto

Sep 10, 2000 – Affleck attends Gwyneth’s Duets premiere in Toronto. (more)

Stardom opens the Toronto Film Festival

Sep 07, 2000 – Denys Arcand’s new film opens the 25th edition of this popular fest. (more)

2 down, 3 to go

Sep 03, 2000 – Backstreet Boy Brian Littrell gets married. (more)

“I do” or “Make it so”?

Aug 29, 2000 – Patrick Stewart ties the knot. (more)

On again?

Aug 29, 2000 – Liz and Hugh show there’s nothing like ending a relationship to rekindle a romance. (more)

Digital Hit to Internet, come in Internet…

Aug 28, 2000 – Our host had some problems, but we’re back. (more)

Willis wins early Emmy round

Aug 27, 2000 – Creative Arts Emmy Awards announced Sunday in non-televised portion. (more)

Emmy ballot mistake

Aug 25, 2000 – Ballots forgot to list Chris Rock’s nominated special (more)

The naked guy wins

Aug 23, 2000 – Richard Hatch takes home $1 million on Survivor. (more)

Hip-Hop becomes Punch-Kick

Aug 23, 2000 – A fight shuts down the taping of the Source Hip-Hop Music Awards. (more)

Stars, Stars and more Stars

Aug 22, 2000 – 25th Toronto International Film Festival announces more details. (more)

Harry Potter casting announced

Aug 21, 2000 – Young British actor gets the role. (more)

Heche: Hospitalized Sunday, Flying Monday

Aug 21, 2000 – Actress Anne Heche had “medical issues” a day after announcing her break-up. (more)

DeGeneres and Heche split

Aug 19, 2000 – Anne and Ellen call it quits after 3 1/2 years. (more)

Celebrity baby month continues

Aug 15, 2000 – David Bowie and Iman welcome a daughter. (more)

Rocco’s early birthday

Aug 11, 2000 – Madonna’s baby boy arrives three weeks early. (more)

Myers’ lawsuits settled

Aug 11, 2000 – DreamWorks helps broker a deal between Universal/Imagine and Myers (more)

More films, more stars for Toronto fest

Aug 08, 2000 – The Toronto International Film Festival announces more of its lineup. (more)

Men of Honor to have world premiere at Toronto fest

Aug 08, 2000 – De Niro, Gooding and Theron likely to attend festival. (more)

Zeta-Jones and Douglas: It’s a boy!

Aug 08, 2000 – Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas welcome Dylan Michael Douglas. (more)

Harrison Ford to the rescue

Aug 07, 2000 – Ford uses his helicopter to rescue a hiker. (more)

Sir Alec Guinness dead at 86

Aug 06, 2000 – Veteran British actor dies after sudden illness. (more)

Macaulay Culkin’s home alone…again.

Aug 05, 2000 – Home Alone star Macaulay Culkin announces his separation. (more)

Hunt and Azaria split

Aug 04, 2000 – They dated for almost five years but Hunt and Azaria separated before their first anniversary. (more)

Hurley stands by her ex-man

Aug 03, 2000 – Actress/model says she never told Jane magazine that Hugh was just adequate in bed. (more)

Celebrity financial adviser pleads guilty

Aug 03, 2000 – Dana Giacchetto pleads guilty to defrauding his celebrity clients. (more)

Downey Jr. wins appeal

Aug 02, 2000 – California state appeals court orders actor released from prison. (more)

Jackman goes from wolverines to swordfish

Aug 02, 2000 – X-Men star Hugh Jackman may join John Travolta in Warner Bros. Swordfish (more)

Dreamworks catches Leo

Jul 31, 2000 – Leonardo DiCaprio may star in the Dreamworks flick Catch Me if You Can. (more)

Tobey Maguire does whatever a spider can

Jul 31, 2000 – Cider House Rules star to play Spider-Man (more)

Audiences are nutty about Eddie’s professor too

Jul 30, 2000 – Sunday box office estimates peg sequel’s opening at almost twice the original. (more)

Pitt and Aniston make it official

Jul 28, 2000 – After weeks, no, months of speculation, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston announce they’re getting married. (more)

News Flash: U.S. judge rules against Napster

Jul 26, 2000 – Injunction prohibits file-sharing site from allowing major labels’ songs to be traded on its site. (more)

Toronto International Film Festival announces free audience favorites

Jul 25, 2000 – 21 of the People’s Choice winners will be available for free screenings. (more)

Winkler loses an Emmy nod

Jul 24, 2000 – Henry Winkler has one of his Emmy nominations removed after a mix-up. (more)

Ford and Pfeiffer make surprise number 3

Jul 23, 2000 – Despite the reviews, What Lies Beneath hits #1. (more)

Wolverine is the new Ginsu spokesmutant

Jul 22, 2000 – X-Men star Hugh Jackman joins our Celebrity Row. (more)

Friends and lovers

Jul 21, 2000 – Jennifer Aniston hits the headlines with an Emmy nod and wedding rumours. (more)

Emmy nominations announced

Jul 20, 2000 – The Emmy nominations were announced today in Los Angeles. (more)

Babs says bye bye

Jul 19, 2000 – Barbra Streisand announces final concerts in New York and Los Angeles. (more)

Hurley in possible hot water

Jul 18, 2000 – Elizabeth Hurley shoots a commercial…in the middle of a strike. (more)

Brooke gets engaged

Jul 17, 2000 – Brooke Shields gets ready for wedding #2. (more)

What’s $3 million between friends?

Jul 17, 2000 – Final tally for X-Men drops it to sixth best three-day opening ever. (more)

X-Men surprises analysts with big box office

Jul 16, 2000 – Estimated $57.5 million opening second only to MI:2 this summer. (more)

The Force is with Smits

Jul 14, 2000 – Jimmy Smits to join the cast of Star Wars Episode II (more)

Big payday for Diaz?

Jul 14, 2000 – Cameron Diaz may take home up to $15 million for her next flick. (more)

Happy Birthday Patrick

Jul 13, 2000 – X-Men star Patrick Stewart turns 60 and joins our Celebrity Row. (more)

Actor Justin Pierce commits suicide

Jul 13, 2000 – Young actor found hanging in Las Vegas hotel. (more)

Film Fest Flick Finally Famous (Almost)

Jul 13, 2000 – Cameron Crowe’s new project, set to premiere at the Toronto Film Festival, finally has a title. (more)

Drew and Tom engaged

Jul 12, 2000 – Actress and goof to tie the knot. (more)

Liam Neeson hurt in bike crash

Jul 12, 2000 – Actor hits a deer while riding his motorcycle. (more)

Quaid throws in the towel

Jul 11, 2000 – Dennis Quaid files for divorce from Meg Ryan. (more)

Breathe easy folks, Britney’s still single

Jul 11, 2000 – Pop diva denies rumours that she’ll marry Justin Timberlake. (more)

Mike Myers fires back at Universal and Imagine

Jul 11, 2000 – Austin Power’s star countersues Dieter producers for more than $20 million. (more)

Scary Movie shocks analysts by topping box office

Jul 10, 2000 – The spoof’s $42.5 million take highest opening for an R-rated film. (more)

Brit tabloids claim Justin and Britney engaged

Jul 09, 2000 – The News of the World claims that Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake will marry. (more)

Mike Myers faces yet another lawsuit.

Jul 07, 2000 – Imagine Entertainment slaps the funnyman with another lawsuit to add to the one he’s facing from Universal. (more)

Digital Hit’s new home

Jul 05, 2000 – We made the move to a new server. (more)

Toronto International Film Festival Announces Galas and Events

Jul 04, 2000 – One of the world’s most popular film festivals announces some of its lineup of films and birthday events. (more)

Walter Matthau dies at age 79

Jul 01, 2000 – The Oscar®-winning actor, known for his grumpy but lovable characters, died of a heart attack on Saturday. (more)

Splitsville for romantic comedy queen

Jun 30, 2000 – After 9 years of marriage, Meg Ryan and Dennis Quaid split. (more)

Eight fans die at Pearl Jam concert

Jun 30, 2000 – During a concert in Copenhagen, eight fans get crushed to death as the crowd surged towards the stage. (more)

Caine knighted

Jun 19, 2000 – Michael Caine gets a knighthood from the Queen. (more)

Grant and Hurley Split

May 23, 2000 – After 13 years, the frequently photographed couple calls it quits. (more)


May 17, 2000 – The Artist Formerly Known as Prince…is Prince once more. (more)

Two more years of coffee shops

May 14, 2000 – The cast of Friends sign for a hefty pay increase. (more)

Natalie to shake her bon-bons?

May 12, 2000 – Natalie Portman may team up with Ricky Martin in a sequel to Dirty Dancing. (more)

Darva to bare all

May 10, 2000 – Former Millionare bride to appear in August Playboy. (more)

Halle fined

May 10, 2000 – Halle Berry pleads no contest to her traffic accident. (more)

Douglas Fairbanks Jr. dead at 90

May 08, 2000 – The decorated war hero and actor dies at the age of 90. (more)

Anakin chosen

May 08, 2000 – George Lucas chooses Hayden Christensen to play Anakin Skywalker in Episode II (more)

Jolie and Thornton tie the knot

May 07, 2000 – Runours flew recently that Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton had tied the knot. Turns out they just got the date wrong. (more)

Central Perk ups coffee prices

May 04, 2000 – The cast of Friends are asking for a hefty salary increase. (more)

Ashley Judd’s off the market

Apr 27, 2000 – Ashley Judd and her boyfriend announce they’ve been engaged since December. (more)

Paltrow sued

Apr 25, 2000 – A couple has sued Gwyneth Paltrow over an earlier collision. (more)

Celebrity money guy indicted

Apr 25, 2000 – Dana Giacchetto, a financial advisor to some of Hollywood’s top stars, gets indicted. (more)

M+A+S+H star Larry Linville dies

Apr 11, 2000 – Larry Linville, Major Frank Burns on M+A+S+H, dies of complications from pneumonia. (more)

Lighter wallets in Tinseltown

Apr 04, 2000 – Celebrity financial advisor Dana Giacchetto is accused of bilking his clients and securities fraud. (more)

Harmon/Sehorn get engaged on Leno

Mar 14, 2000 – Jason Sehorn pops the question to Angie Harmon on The Tonight Show. (more)

TV Guide Award Winners

Mar 05, 2000 – All the winners of the 2nd Annual TV Guide Awards (more)

Jim Varney Dies

Feb 10, 2000 – Comic character actor dies. (more)

Dave back early

Feb 04, 2000 – Letterman may return to his show earlier than thought. (more)

Zeta-Jones and Douglas baby news

Jan 28, 2000 – The newly-engaged couple announce they’re expecting their first child. (more)

Buh-bye Bailey

Jan 24, 2000 – Entertainment and celebrity news. FOX says goodbye to 90210 and Party of Five. (more)

Fox to quit Spin City

Jan 18, 2000 – Popular sitcom star decides to quit his show to focus on raising Parkinson’s awareness. (more)

Get Well Soon Dave

Jan 14, 2000 – Late Night host undergoes heart bypass surgey. (more)

Sean Combs indicted

Jan 13, 2000 – Rapper indicted on weapons charges. (more)

Zeta-Jones and Douglas to Wed

Jan 06, 2000 – Hollywood couple announce their engagement. (more)